I Believe In You!



I’m human, just like you.

It’s not my titles that really define me, nor is it my work. What defines me is my resilience, my ability the bounce back, to fall down and get back up, to draw on strengths when I would otherwise feel weak, to be brave and bold when I feel small, to be courageous when I would otherwise feel scared.

It is my compassion, my empathy, my heart, my intuition, my kindness, my overall gentle nature that makes me who I am.

I’m not entirely sure whether I was born this way, but I am sure that I have cultivated these traits through hitting rock bottom, struggling and then choosing and fighting to rise up.

You see, I’ve recovered from, and dabbled in, just about everything. Everything from more minor stuff like overthinking to more intensely viewed stuff like addictions, anxiety, depression, compulsions and mental battles of all kinds.

However, what I want you to know is that these things were a part of me and my journey to who I am today, but I am just a regular human and now a Mum, just like you.

In my past, my thoughts and behaviours would sometimes get the best of me, but most importantly, deep down I always knew I had the wisdom and ability to bounce back.

I was always me underneath my compulsions, and I, Jen Smith, the warrior, never went anywhere.

I’d get caught up in my own very human traps sometimes, but then I’d remember I had the inherent ability to get unstuck, the very human ability that you have too.

So please, take your time. Poke around. Read some stuff if you feel so inclined and send me a message if you ever want to chat.

I’m totally, completely, 100% human. I fall down sometimes, but I always get back up.

I hope you find the inspiration, love, support, and courage here to do so too. That’s why heretobehuman was born…

To help you feel and finds your strengths too.

Love always,



I’ve Had So Many Experiences I Want To Share With You…

I use the term Life Coach lightly as we are all in charge and capable of, running our own lives. I am simply the facilitator who helps guide those who are struggling back to their innate wisdom and peace of mind. It is from that place, that the magic happens. In my former, younger life, I was the sole Owner/Operator of a local women’s gym where I was able to Coach hundreds, if not thousands of women of all ages and stages to make healthy strides in improving their lives.
We’re all Mama Warriors in our own right. The simple yet complex task of motherhood and the fact that we show up everyday for our little ones and try our best at loving gives us all Warrior status. It’s the hardest job in the world and no one ever tells us that, yet we journey on every, single, day no matter how were feeling. Let us all unite on this wild and crazy adventure, together. If it wasn’t for my world travel, I wouldn’t be who I am today; I wouldn’t have learned such great things the very hard way.
Writing is what I do, it’s part of who I am. It’s how I put my heart into words and how I spread my messages out loud.. I love love and everything about it. I believe, regardless of our situation or circumstance, background or upbringing, if we centre back to love for ourselves and love for others, our seemingly significant challenges are much more easily conquered.

A few words I live by

“We’re not here to be perfect, we’re here to be human. Life is an adventure; we go up, we go down, we go all over the map. That’s called being human. What’s important is that we laugh along the way and with compassion, we get back up and take others with us.”



This Is Who We Are…


Who We Are…

“Who we are by nature is love, wisdom, & peace from pain.”- Jen Smith


  • “I didn’t go looking for a Coach! Jen Smith simply showed up for me…at our local gym where I was struggling with massive guilt, shame, and self-loathing! Her beautiful smile and sweet nature was immediately captivating and what a gift she has been to me! I experienced a painless transformation in my thinking that has really helped me set myself free of negative talk toward greater self-acceptance. Thanks for your compassion and for providing me with tools and interventions that are moving me in the right direction!”

    Jeanne Fike
  • “Jen’s patience and considerable life experience make her a valuable coach! She helped me recognize common patterns in my thinking that were holding me back from getting the most out of life. If you’re looking for a coach that has gone through what you’re going through and come out the other side with wisdom and compassion, I strongly recommend working with Jen!”

    Shannon, B.C.
  • “I have been coached by Jen on several occasions and those sessions have made a tremendous difference in my life. Jen is truly an excellent coach. She is professional easy to talk to and engaged passionate about her work and getting the result I set for myself. She is totally committed and has me shift old beliefs and see things in a completely new perspective – this has made a huge difference in my life. I truly enjoy working with Jen and will definitely continue to do so and I definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to make a change in their life.”

    Beatrice, Quebec
  • Jen is a powerful, insightful coach who can help you find your way out of pain and into the life you deserve. She is well-trained and great at her craft but more importantly, she walks her talk. Jen has been where you are. Part of what makes Jen such an incredible coach is that she is devoted to turning her past pain into your transformation. She oozes authenticity and kindness–invest in her help, please. You deserve it and you won’t be sorry! “

    Dr. Amy Johnson, Mich, USA


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I look forward to hearing from you when I return. Until then, stay strong Warrior. Xo

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