5 Things About How Being Human Really Works

We’re only human, right?

I know I say this a lot, but I honestly can’t say it enough because we tend to forget from time to time. All of us. We tend to feel like we should be “further ahead” of being human which would somehow mean that we’re exempt from feeling bad or that we’re exempt from getting caught. Exempt from getting caught in thought like we should somehow “know better” or that we are “past” this kind of experience, the kind of experience that makes us feel like we’re going backwards.

It is so important to me that you know this: it’s not about not getting caught, or being “past” an experience, or being “further ahead,” it’s about being gentle and kind and compassionate toward yourself when you do. Because Dear Warrior, you will always be human, I will always be human, we will all always be human. Therewill be times when you will get caught and leave your heart and adventure into your head, and that, Dear Warrior, is 100% totally normal and totally okay. More than okay. It means you’re still human doing what humans do. Feeling your thinking and the emotions that follow. Feeling your thinking and feeling like it’s real. Really feeling like this time it’s not thought, that it must be “true.”

Seeing as I’m always preaching to you about being human, I wanted to share my most recent experience with you about getting caught in thought and the complex illusion that it was real. 

I recently moved into a new house and I absolutely love it. We are surrounded by plants and animals and there is beauty all around us. We are much more submersed in nature than ever before. I have also felt more peaceful, more happy, more at ease in the last week since moving in than I have in a while, and very humanly, I made theinnocent mistake of thinking that it was our new house that was responsible for these welcoming feelings. 

Because I so innocently paired the two together and forgot that I am peace, that I am peace within, I was a little taken back when anxiety got triggered. I innocently got triggered when my Daughter’s Father went back to work and her and I were alone for the first time in the new house. My brain innocently warned me of the “new” dangers in our new house as it did way back when we first brought our Daughter home to our old house.  

I am sharing this with you because I want to make sure you really know that we’re all human, all of even, even Me. And I want you to know the difference between understanding how being human works and thinking you are “past” being human.When you understand how it works you are kindly brought back to homebase, (your happy place), much faster. 

Here is a short list I have compiled about understanding how being human works that I hope you’re able to use if and when you so innocently get caught. 

Understanding how the design works looks a little something like this:

1. Getting caught in a little or a lot of thought, and not feeling good, but deep down knowing that that’s only ever surface stuff. Knowing that deep down you are peace, love and wisdom that is temporarily immersed in the energy of thought. Kind of like an iceberg, your thought is on the surface, but who you really are lives much deeper than that.

2. Being uncomfortable and feeling discomfort but deep down knowing that it is temporary and it will change. It will change because thoughts are fleeting, always changing and never permanent so you cannot ever be stuck permanently in the same thought or patterns forever. Kind of like driving your car and getting lost. You have a little bit of faith in being lost because you know that at some point, your bound to see a sign that will better direct you.

3. Knowing that when your mind is busy it will eventually clear and there is nothing you have to do to make that happen so you allow yourself to feel how you feel. Kind of like how when it rains we don’t try and “figure out” how to make it stop. We just accept that it’s raining and we carry on with our day because we know, that eventually, the rain will stop and the sun will shine again.

4. When you’re feeling down, pulling out the compassion because you know you’re doing the best you can with the thinking you’ve got. You’re doing the best you can because that’s all we ever can do. We can’t know what we don’t know so we do what we think is best with the thought we’ve currently got, and when we know better, we will do better.

5. Part of being human is having opinions, judgments, ideas, and feelings, but knowing that this part of being human is subjective to our past or current beliefs or thoughts and that those past or current beliefs and thoughts are our minds ideas, and not who we really are. This goes back to how we are not the “thinker” of our thoughts, we are the one experiencing our thinking, and since we are the experiencer and not the thinker, the opinions, judgments, ideas and feelings are not inherent to us. They naturally change and evolve and we naturally change and evolve.



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