What To Know When The Content of Our Anxieties Looks Important

Dear Warrior,

I recently shared that regardless of how far I’ve come, how many trainings I’ve taken, how many clients I’ve worked with, at the end of the day, I’m still human. And, as a human, from time to time, I still get caught in the occasional thought habit. Who doesn’t?

And, as a Life Coach (but fellow human, too), from time to time, I get caught in particular stories and, more specifically, the content of thought-created records (habits).

The thoughts themselves (the content of the stories) can be so intriguing that, when I’m tired or in a low mood, it sometimes seems and feels like they’re worth paying attention to.

My mind tries to convince me that I need to analyze, think, and then problem solve to find my way out of them. In the moments the records play, it seems like that is what I need to do to find relief. And as someone who has seen their way out of more thought records or created realities than I care to admit, I can assure you that that’s not the way toward peace.

The actual problem with all of this — I say problem lightly because we’re only human — is that when we do that, when we innocently read into our minds expressive ideas, we only add more thinking to an already busy mind.

What we really need to do, is the opposite.

What we really need to do, is allow the thoughts to float freely in our imaginations just the same way we would if the content were made up of whatever it is we daydream about.

Typically, we don’t try and numb, or find relief from, or run away from those kinds of thoughts — daydreams — and the ones that we feel anxious about, or don’t like, are no different.

They are made of the same thing. Energy. It’s all the same energy floating around in our minds, our bodies, and our imaginations. The only difference is that we identify with, and take more personally or seriously some than others, innocently, all the while forgetting that energy is safe to feel.

Our minds like to get our attention. That’s one of its’ amazing jobs. And that’s okay. That’s what it was made and designed to do. But our job is to see it for what it is. Our job is to embody the awareness we are and stay grounded during the storm. Our job is to have compassion for ourselves when we get caught listening to its’ false stories. Our job is to remember that we’re only human doing the best we can during the times we experience uncomfortable emotions. Our job is to choose to say I love you mind, and thank you, but I can take it from here.

Our job is to not fear, but love ourselves through the process so much so that we create space for the energy to flow through us. Because energy is meant to ebb and flow, just like water running downstream.

When we reject our records, our thoughts, and our emotions, we innocently give them power and importance when the best thing we can possibly do is invite them in, make room for them to stay, and remember our manners by thanking them for their concern. And as a result, we return to our natural state. Peace.

They disappear (for good) when we stop giving them importance — when we stop giving them a job to do, a reason to hang around.

They disappear when we allow ourselves to stop fearing them and start loving them instead.

As a human, it’s easy to innocently believe that the thoughts we generate are important, but they’re not. The only thing they’re really doing is trying to show us how protective our mind is of us. They’re showing us how it’s time to slow down and recentre back to the love we truly are underneath and beyond our minds’ habit. They’re showing us how we’ve innocently taken a thought and cemented it in place, forming a belief that isn’t true.

Please know, though, dear Warrior, that it’s okay to get caught. It’s okay if it takes time. You’re human. You’re allowed to experience these thoughts, these emotions, these patterns. If anything, the only thing it really says about you as a person is how loving, and caring, and sensitive, and amazing you are. If you weren’t that way, then they wouldn’t bother you in the first place. I know you’re a feeler, and that is a beautiful trait.

And when you feel comfortable, and like yourself, you can breathe and come out of your shell, and let go of the pattern like dandelions in the wind. It’s a natural process that happens when we allow our mind to talk without having to identify with its ideas. It’s a natural process — the settling of our minds — that happens when we reconnect to the love that we are. Just like how whirlpools return to still water, it’s natural and a gift that we as humans receive simply by being alive.

And from our natural state of peace, and love, the one we return to when our minds soften and relax, it is easier to see that it is our minds that have the habit, not us. And from there, from the awareness that we are, we can free ourselves from the pattern.

We can leave our cocoon and morph into the butterfly that we were born to be.



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