A Woman’s Intuition

Dear Warriors,

I heard this incredibly simple, and incredibly amazing quote the other day. It resonated deeply with me because as a Human, it’s easy to get confused about the thoughts in our head. It’s easy to wonder whether they’re true or not, and it’s easy to want to try and decipher them.

My best friend and I used to call each other all of the time with a problem we thought we had, “so I was thinking…x, y, & z,” we would say, what do you think?” We’d try and navigate the problem by putting our heads together and we’d try and navigate the ‘problem’ with what we thought would be a good solution. We would analyze, and dissect, and think as hard as we could about what all of it could possibly mean. 

Some of the stories we spun up were pretty amazing and some of ideas we came up with were quite vivid. Some of the time our wisdom would help guide the conversations and we would help each other out, but some of the time our heads would guide the conversations and we would only further confuse one another. 

She would have a problem, or I would have a problem, and we were there for each other. There for each other like sticks in mud, like two peas in a pod. But what we didn’t see back then, was that most of the time we only added further confusion to already busy minds. What we didn’t see at the time was that we would innocently get further and further into each others stories and further and further into innocently made up territory.

We would know that some of our theories felt a little more right than others, and we would know that some of our problem solving skills were not all that bad. But other times we would wind up in hysterics over how ridiculous some of the things we said sounded and other times we would eventually stop trying to “figure things out” because we still felt off with our “solutions.”

We loved each other through every adventure, and we loved each other through each country we traveled, but oh boy did we ever get into some precarious situations with our theories. But regardless of the situations, we always did the very best we could to be there for each other, and we still very much do, but in a different sort of way.

What we didn’t see as clearly all those years ago was the difference between our head and our hearts, our ego and our wisdom, our advice and our natural knowing. 

We knew that we sometimes just knew things, but half the time, we just felt confused. I mean, this is all part of being human, and young, and seeing the world for the first time so we have no regrets, but we have certainly learned a few things since then.

We have come to understand what Jack Pransky means when he quoted, “If one is confused about whether it is wisdom, it isn’t.”

We have come to understand that if we are unsure of something, of one of our theories, of one of our solutions to our problems, of one of our ideas, we lay low and we wait. We lay low and we wait for our clouded thinking to clear and our wisdom to shine through. We lay low and we wait for the storm to pass and our innate wellness to surface. We lay low and we wait for the confusion to settle while the feeling of just knowing comes along. The feeling of just knowing that is inherently us before and beyond our minds’ ideas.

We have learned that our advice for one another is really great, and is really loving, but not always what we need. We have learned that when our minds’ are quiet, our intuition has a chance to be heard. We have learned that busy minds don’t need to figure things out because things are figured out naturally when they are quiet. We have learned that we only look for advice when our minds’ are leading the way because our wisdom is the natural comfort we’re seeking.

We have learned to trust in our innate wisdom and well being because we know that deep down, we already know what we need.

We know that our intuition, like every human’s intuition, is the best navigator, the best guide we could ever follow. It took a few motorbike crashes, tens of thousands of air miles, lots of good times and lots of bad times to get where we are now, but we did. We did because we starting trusting in ourselves and our Universal, God given abilities, the very same abilities that you have too.  

We’re still as close as we once were, just a little less dependent on one another because we have come to see that we are our own best teachers, and our own best friends.



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