Home Is Where The Heart Is

I have a question for you.

It’s not directed at you and nor do you need an answer. I just want you to get curious with me and see what you see. 

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and I realized deeply that for some reason, I and a lot of other humans I know tend to believe their minds over their hearts. That I and a lot of other humans I know tend to think they are somehow flawed or that there’s something wrong with them because their mind told them so. That I and a lot of other humans I know tend to believe their minds ideas and chatter and noise over the good warm feeling they get when they’re sitting in truth. When they’re sitting in wisdom, in love, in peace.

Why is that?

Is it because we can’t always distinguish the difference between our mind and our hearts? Is it because we don’t know that we are separate beings from our brains? (It sounds crazy, I know). Is it because we’re human so we easily get caught listening to our minds narrating our day to day experiences?

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday when I realized that most of us humans are more accustomed to listening to the subjective narrative of our minds than we are to the clear-cut, loving truths of our hearts.

Why? I honestly have no idea. And that’s okay. That’s not my point, at all. 

We’re so innocently human that we only do what we do. We always do what we think is best so we must have some grace and compassion for ourselves. In fact, it’s kind of cute sometimes that we get caught believing the perpetual cycles of thought our minds throw at us, even though it doesn’t feel so cute when the thoughts are “weird” or “crazy” or “scary.”

But my point is, we’ve got two very different worlds we live in. A lot of the time, we tend to live in our brains.

This tends to look something like: all over the place, its more fast paced, its more chatty, it’s more surfacey. Surfacey in such a way that you feel one thing then quickly feel another thing. Your moment to moment emotions fluctuate quickly because your moment to moment thinking is fleeting and and changing and our feelings reflect that. 

And when we’re not in our brains, we’re in another world, we’re at home, in our hearts.

This is my favourite place on earth. You can be anywhere in the world, doing anything, and you can be here. And when you’re here, you have all the love, all the wisdom, and all the peace available to you that you will ever need. It is in this place that the answers to our “big” questions lie. And when you’re here, in you’re heart, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are because no matter what, you feel good.  

This tends to feel like: coming home after a long trip away. That feeling of home sweet home. That feeling you get after you get under the covers after a long day. That feeling You get when your heart is refilling with love and you can feel your energy and vibes rising back up high where you belong.

I’m definitely guilty of it myself. Believing and getting caught up in my thoughts records from time to time… but when I do, and I don’t feel good, I am kindly reminded of this:

I am only human and that’s what us humans do and that is 100% okay.

I am only human and my brain tries it’s best to communicate, but it but sometimes gets confused.

I am only human and we have our ups and downs and that is okay.

I am only human, but my mind is built clear.

I am only human and I can bounce back.

I am only human and that’s all I ever need to be.

Being Human is a seriously very efficient design. When we get caught, caught in our thinking and that thinking feels real, our emotions tell us. They emit feelings we don’t tend to like and they emit accurate responses to our thinking in the moment. They kindly remind us that we’ve innocently veered off course and that it’s time to redirect. They kindly remind us how we are innocently in our minds and not in our hearts. 

They are always a tell tale sign for our level of consciousness and where were at…

When we aren’t feeling “good” or like “ourselves” we have simply left the stable truth and grounds of our hearts and we have risen up to a level where our minds reside. A level in which we are on the same playing field of our minds chatter and no longer in the deeper depths of our spirit and heart. 

It’s kind of like an airplane taking off. When it’s on the runway it’s low to the ground, on the surface and there’s no depth, just like the chatter of our minds. But when it takes off, and it’s flying high in the sky, it’s like the depth of our hearts. Everything is quiet and peaceful. Even though there’s clouds, it’s easy to see.

All we have to do is be aware of the two; our minds and our hearts, our chatter and our wisdom, and lower and higher level of consciousness and once we’re aware, our wisdom will do the rest. 

And when we’re not aware, we forgive ourselves compassionately because…

We’re not here to be perfect, we’re here to be human.

And I gotta say…

The design is perfect. 



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