How To Feel Better When You Feel Bad

Dear Warrior,

I’ve missed you. How have you been doing? If you’re anything like Me, which I know you are, then your energy systems have been all over the place the last few weeks. Whether it’s the transition from Summer to Fall, or the change in the atmosphere, or the intense full moons we’ve had as of late, I know I’ve needed some down time to slow down and recharge. You too? 

I’ve talked to, and seen many many people this past month who have had one very interesting thing in common: their human experience. It’s been full of high highs and full of low lows. It’s been intensely emotional and freeing the next. It’s been happy and sad, anxious and still.

I can’t tell you exactly why, but I can tell you that if you have been feeling this way, then you are not alone. Not. At. All. And let me reassure you of this dear Warrior, you never are. I promise. I am always right here with you, and I know that there are others looking out for you too. 

You see, you’re a sensitive soul in a very human body. You have a very kind heart and always mean well. You rarely get angry and when you do you feel bad, I know this. And when you feel bad, it’s because you’re innocently taking your thoughts seriously because you are this way. However, I want to remind you that you are a good person, and definitely not the one that you sometimes make yourself out to be.

I want to remind you that our thoughts are energy taking form in the line of our vision, our consciousness, and because we’re human, they look and feel real. They look and feel very important, they look and feel very intense, they look and feel like we need to do something about them when in fact, we don’t have to do anything at all.

Our very human minds are exactly like the beautiful snow globes you see at Christmas time. When shaken, the snow rises and flutters all over the place creating quite a stir, and if we keep shaking it then it will keep rising and stirring in all directions. But what happens when we stop shaking it? The snow settles peacefully down, on the bottom of the globe, all by itself, all on it’s own time.

And this is exactly how our human mind works. When we stop innocently buying into our thoughts- the illusion before us- the energy in our minds settles, and fades, and creates room for new energy to come through. It’s kind of like leaves falling and settling on the ground before us, creating room for beautiful new growth, and it all happens naturally.

And that’s the beauty of it Warrior, this process, being human, thoughts fading, this all happens naturally, on it’s own, in it’s own time. We just have to see our humans minds, their design, for how they work.

Humans were made to feel good. We were put on this Mother Earth equipped with the tools we need to live a peaceful life. It’s not about looking outside of you for answers, for solutions to a human experience, for a concrete fix to an ever changing flow of energy, it’s about coming home to yourself, to who you are.

The person inside of you who already knows this, who already knows what I’m saying, who already has a feel for this simple truth, yet innocently gets caught in being human, well, because we all do, because we’re all human.

But I’m here to kindly remind you that you are enough. You are very much there underneath the energetic stir of the thoughts entering your awareness. You are the answers to your prayers, you have and are everything you want inside of you. You are the globe and you never have, and never will go anywhere. You are stable. You are present. You are the heart and the house of the thoughts and emotions, but you are not the thoughts and the emotions themselves.

You are made of love dear Warrior, and if you feel anything other than love, you have innocently been shaken, innocently been stirred, and innocently left home.

But the good news is, when you see how wonderful you are, when you see how the design works, when feel the natural phenomenon of your mind settling all on it’s own…

You will always find your way back home, to your heart.



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