I thought there was something wrong with me.

First time Mum alert!

Being a First time mum I didn’t know what to expect. Silly as it may seem I didn’t fully grasp that this was my daughter, and it was up to us (and her father) how we were going to navigate life. I didn’t fully grasp that there were more than a number of ways of doing things and more than a number of ways for our relationship to develop.

I admit it, I got caught in a few traps thinking if things weren’t a certain way then I was doing something wrong. If things weren’t a certain way I was being a bad mom. If things weren’t a certain way by a certain time then there was something wrong with me.

Maybe it was Me. Maybe there was something I was doing wrong. Maybe I was the problem.

I tried so hard to understand why other relationships were progressing the way they were and mine was progressing at its own pace.

Maybe I was a slow learner. Maybe I needed to read a few more books. Maybe there was something wrong with me.

And then, in a light bulb moment the incessant chatter of my mind quieted down and the love of my wisdom came through.

There was nothing wrong with me. I’m not a bad Mom. I am not the problem.

The only thing standing in my way was my thinking about how things should be.

I was so innocently getting caught up in my thinking that I closed myself off to listening to my wiser self- my wisdom- in which all the answers I ever needed were laying.

It told me more in a split second than my mind told me in a week. It told me that this is our journey and our journey alone. It is our journey to navigate and unwind in its own way. That is the beauty of it. That, in and of itself is part of what captivates the beauty of a mother and cub; that each journey is it’s own.

And so it continues… Our journey together through good times and bad, happy and sad whatever, however, that may unfold.

Here’s to us continuing our journey. Mumma loves you Beautiful Cub.

When were feeling stuck it’s because we’ve got blinders on. Tunnel vision on a one way street. One perspective that were not seeing through.

Do you ever get stuck like I did?

We make our best attempts to get unstuck by thinking our way out, yet it is our one way thinking that lead us down this particular path to begin with.

Rarely in the moment, do we understand that all we already have the answers we need. We get so caught up listening to our chatty minds (because we’re human and that’s just a part of being human), that we forget when our mind is quiet the answer will come.

We all have wisdom deep at our core that is full of miraculous things. It is full of answers we long for and the best part- it is made of love. There is nothing your wisdom will ever tell you in an unkind way. you will know this by the feeling it gives you with the answer it brings.

It is always more kind than your thinking. It will always bring a feeling of peace and love. An “aha” kind of feeling. A feel of peace running through your whole body kind of feeling.

The bad news is you can’t force wisdom. But the good news is you don’t have to.

As the saying goes, everything happens in divine timing..or something like that.



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