Love Is Truth and Truth Prevails.

Im just curious and coming from a totally loving place when I ask you this:

how much the course of your day or even life may change if you were able to feel the energy of emotions running through your body without subjectively labeling them as a certain type of feeling?

Let me explain…

As humans, we’re feelers. We feel our thoughts 100% of the time and therefore our bodies are simotaneously filled with a rush of energy. Depending on the content of our thinking, we are quick to label that energy, excited, happy, sad, anxious, or downright mad.

But what if all energy was the same? What if you were able to feel the emotion which quite literally means energy in motion, and leave it at that? 

I’ll tell you… I’ve been practicing this lately, and the results have been pretty amazing.

I’m not sure why, but I sometimes get this feeling when feeding my daughter. To be honest, I’m not even sure what to call it. It’s like something I’ve never felt before. Is it deep love? Overwhelm mixed with love? Anxious mixed with love? Perhaps a mixture of all three? It’s pretty intense whatever it is, but my point is… It’s energy. 

I feed her, stroke her eyebrows because the comfort helps her relax, and stare at her angelic baby face while she slowly drifts off.

As this is happening, I get a rush of energy all over. Now this isn’t the only time this happens either. There are, and have been, many circumstances in which energy has rushed through my fingers down my arms and deep into to my veins. 

And when I am able to feel it without listening to my minds subjective label of the moment, it comes and it goes. I feel the rush and it’s over.

The same goes for you.

It’s just that we’re both human, you and I, and were a lot more accustomed to listening to our minds idea of what it is. Typically, we feel a rush, we call it excitement, or anxiety and then we bring that feeling to life with our human ability to live and act on emotion. And depending on what we label that rush, it’s usually has an impact on the course of the moment, or our day, and in some cases, our lives.

But what if… what if we were able to feel the energy and let is pass without the label? 

Because that, is very simply, how it works when we allow it to. We have a thought, that thought creates energy, we feel the energy, and then it dissipates. It’s only ever our human mind labeling it that holds it in place longer than it needs to me. 

And for us some us, much longer than it needs to be. Some of us go as far as calling ourselves our label, or living through the subjectivity of it.

But what I’m saying is, there are so many possibilities beyond our thinking of what this energy should be. There are so many possibilities beyond our minds ideas. There are so many possibilities for us, as humans, to live a life of feeling. A life of feeling rushes of energy and feeling good.

Because when we are able to experience our emotions, as just that, energy – in – motion, they come and they go and we return to a place of peace. A place of quiet. A place of inherent love.

Now don’t get me wrong, if the energy feels good and you are inclined to label it happy, by all means, stick with it. Go there. Label it and feel it. But know this if it feels “bad,” : when our minds don’t get involved, we are able to feel our energy and let it go.

When we let it go our minds clear (because that’s what minds do) and we return to a clean slate. A place where all energy is equal and we subject ourselves to what is beyond our minds ideas. A place of infinite possibilities and feelings of love. 

Because love is truth and truth prevails. 



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