One Simple Truth That Can Change Your Life

Dear Warriors,

Recently I made a “big” change and it reminded me of an incredibly simple, but life changing truth about the basics of being human. I say “big” because it is actually not all that big, that is just what my mind is making it out to be.

I have talked about this before before so it may come as no surprise, but the more we’re able to be reminded of this incredibly simple, human truth, the easier it becomes to absorb.

Last week I quit a job that I absolutely loved and adored as a means to slow down and embrace what’s right in front of me at this very stage in life. It’s what was best for family and to be perfectly honest, probably what was best for me too. But nevertheless, it was a change.

And my mind doesn’t always take well to change. Since putting in my official notice, It has had a lot of interesting opinions and judgements and naysaying about my choice.

It’s not completely satisfied with my decision and it’s not completely satisfied that I am choosing to slow down.

It says that it wants me to speed up again. It says that I should be doing more. It says that if I’m not doing 100 things in a day then I am slacking. Its’ had this opinion for as long as I can remember so it’s not taking kindly to the new pace. It’s kind of a shocker for it, really, one that it probably needs so it can stop worrying and about things that aren’t true and start worrying about what I am going to plant in my garden.

But, regardless of the details dear Warrior, it’s field day of opinions has reminded me of something incredibly important that is a fundamental part of being human; I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t talk about it.

So here we have it:

It’s constant opinions and chatter has reminded me that it’s perfectly okay for it to talk, but we don’t have to listen. That in fact if it says things like, “it’s time to go brush your teeth,” we can choose to listen, but if it’s saying things like, “You’re not good enough” or any number of things it says about you as a Mother, or person, or spouse, we can choose not to. It has reminded me that it’s perfectly okay to feel its’ judgments, but that they are not real, and it has reminded me that it’s perfectly okay to have a busy mind, because minds are built to clear, all on their own, all in their own time.

You see dear Warrior, minds love to talk, that is their job, that is what they do, and they are a very big part of what helps us get through life. They are like a really great friend who is always there for us, but sometimes despite their well meaning concerns, they don’t always know what’s best for us and if we pay too much attention, they can innocently lead us astray.

And that is because WE know what’s best. WE know what we need to do, how we need to do it and when we need to do it.

WE know ourselves better than our own minds because our minds are just the tip of the iceberg, but who we are runs much deeper than that, much below the surface. Who we are at the highest human level, our highest potential, our highest capacity for seeing and feeling and understanding and being, is love.

Some call it intuition, some call it inner guide, some call it soul… It has many names, but it’s who we are when we’re not living in the feeling of our thinking. It’s who we are when we allow our minds to chat without having to listen, it’s who we are when we let go of attachments and expectations. It’s an inherent part of us, it’s who we are by nature before our thinking. Before the chatter. Before the ideas, opinions and judgments.

It’s who we are when we feel good, when we feel at peace, when we feel loved.

Because dear Warrior, love, is who we are. And when we’re not feeling that way, it is not the circumstance, the job or loss of, the person, the weather, or any number of things our minds innocently grasp to or grab hold of when we are not feeling good, or like ourselves, it just simply means that we’ve innocently veered off course and we are now looking at the tip, instead of toward who we are below the surface.

But the good news is Mama, it is a much bigger, deeper, wiser part of us and our lives than our chatter will ever be. It has never, and will never go anywhere. It is always available to us in any given moment.

And when our minds quiet down, as they do, all on their own because they are built that way, the water will become clearer and clearer, and the larger part of us below the surface won’t seem so far away because it is not. It is just one thought away.



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