Our home base is our happy place.

Having my daughter has taught me a whole lot of things.

She has taught me how to turn everything I say into a song. She has taught me how little sleep I can function off of. And she has taught me how many hours it’s possible to bounce for in one day. Lots!

She has also taught me a few, shall I say, more important things.

Things Like:

How strong I am when I need to be. How patient I am when I need to be. And how resourceful I am when I need to be, just to name a few.

But most if all, she has taught- and is teaching me- all about unconditional love.

What it is, what it feels like, and the superpowers that come with it. The magical, transformational, evolutionary, miraculous superpowers that make up arguably, the most powerful force in the universe.

Throughout the past few months, I have seen- and am seeing, daily,- what it can do. What things are capable of happening in it’s presence, and what it’s capable of healing, solving and changing. Unimaginable things. Things that were not previously possible, or things that were much harder to attain without it and it’s magical power.

I have been spending a great deal of time in the space, this unconditional love space, and I have been learning and attaining a great deal of wisdom from this particular source. I have come to realize that when we are in the sacredness it’s presence, there are no problems, and all else is, as Byron Katie says, “imagined confusion.”

What’s more, is that this is who we are. This is who we are by nature, the way “god,” or the “universe,” or the “angels” intended. This is who we are before our busy machines (brains) that we share start talking, or going to work. And this is who we are at the very essence of our being.

We are love. We are all unconditional love. Our roots are firmly planted in the depths of this well, and it is simply our brains that navigate us away.

We are also creatures of connection. We are meant to be connected to ourselves and connected to others.

When we are connected- and I mean truly connected- we are connected to unconditional love. Unconditional love for ourselves and unconditional love for others. It is from there where we feel good from head to toe, deep in our bones, no matter our present condition or circumstance.

We all have this available to us, we are made of this.

We also all have a brain and because of this, we also share the ability to think.

Sometimes, because we’re human, our thinking leads us astray from the good feeling place we love- the unconditional love place- and we, without even knowing it, move into a not so good feeling place- a more in our heads less in our hearts- kind of place. A place where our imagination runs wild and free.

It is from there where we tend to get confused, overthink, and feel not so good feelings.

This is simply because we’re human, and this is what humans do.

Even though it feels like it, when our hearts our racing, or we have a pit in our stomach, or nervousness in our fingertips, it is not a bad thing. These signs are simply showing us that we have left our home base- our unconditional love place- and we are simply on an adventure in our minds.

It might be a wild ride and it might be a place unfamiliar, but when we can see it for what it is, -a brain at work, a thinking mind doing what it does- we eventually, always, find our way back home.

And when we are home, we are clear and full of wisdom. All else is simply, imagined confusion.



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