Our Minds Can Talk, But We Can Stay Neutral.

I was having a conversation with my Fiancé yesterday regarding debt. Naturally, our two human minds bantered back and forth, trying to understand what it all means and, finally, we came to differing conclusions. However, despite our minds’ ideas, the deeper part of who we both are at a soulful level found agreement on common ground from an insight that none other than Shakespeare’s Hamlet reveals rather well, which is:

That money is not inherently good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

“Nothing is really good or bad in itself — it’s all what a person thinks about it.” Shakespeare

And, while it’s not necessarily debt that I’m talking to you about, our conversation reminded me so much of how our thoughts paint the picture of our reality and how us taking them seriously impacts our day to day experience of life.

You see, money is an inherently neutral resource before our human minds say otherwise; before they give their judgements and opinions and speeches about what it does and doesn’t mean.

And this is exactly how our realities work, how our lives work.

Things happen. Events happen. Seasons change, and flowers bloom.

Energy flows all around us, and it is that energy that powers us humans. It is that energy that is the make-up of our thoughts. It is that energy, combined with our human special effects department known as consciousness, that brings our thoughts to life. It is that energy that is us.

And it is our human minds that interject and call that energy: anxiety, depression, good or bad, happy or sad.

That’s where our human minds come in and talk about the energy entering our awareness and what it all means.

That’s where our human minds come in and want to run the show as the directors in our personal movie of life.

And that’s fine, that’s their job; it’s all well and good, until they take it too far.

Our minds take it too far by repeating what they say. They take it too far by dwelling on the past. They take it too far by constantly talking about the future.

I mean, they’re very clever and well-designed machines but, sometimes, we — the we who we are at a soulful level — needs to interject and come alive.

That’s when it becomes beneficial to our inborn well-being to let our minds politely know that we see where they’re going with their opinions but we’ve got this.

That’s when we need to see how our human mind is like a kid in a candy store, really wanting to get their way. (We can’t blame them, though, what kid doesn’t love candy?)

That’s when we need to see that our thoughts, our emotions, and our energies, are inherently neutral. They are our brain’s best attempt at loving us but, like the kid in the candy store, they don’t always know what’s best.

That’s when it is beneficial to our inherent well-being to allow our minds to do their job without us having to listen.

Like when I was out in the backyard playing with my Daughter, and my mind was talking about how on earth I was going to get the vacuuming done and the dinner made and the laundry folded — I allowed it to talk about chores all afternoon because I was busy chasing butterflies and hummingbirds and smiling with my Daughter.

Because that was more important. That was what was right in front of me. That was what embodying the true me, in my true nature, in my true love, was.

And that, dear Warrior, is part of how we see our way out of our suffering. We see our way out by allowing the energy — in the form of thoughts and emotions– to flow through our awareness as we stay neutral to our minds’ judgments and opinions of what it all means.

We stay neutral because it is who we really are in our true nature. It is who we really are beneath the ideas of good or bad, anxious or sad.

It is who we are at a soulful level when our minds are quiet and we remain in the moment by allowing them to talk about anything and everything.

It is who we are when we’re embodying the free-spirit that we were born to be.

It’s ever-evolving, ever-changing, life-giving, loving energy, dear Warrior. It’s. Just. Life. It’s not inherently good or bad, but our thinking likes to make it so.



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