Part of Being Human is Having Ups & Downs.

I want to tell you something because it’s very important to me that you know.

Part of being human is having ups and downs and part of being human is sometimes feeling good and sometimes feeling bad. Part of being human is feeling like we sometimes have it all figured out and part of being human is sometimes feeling like we’ve got nothing figured out. 

And you know what? That’s 100% totally normal and totally okay. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us because we feel our emotions deeply, even not the so good ones, or we question or judge our weird or crazy thoughts. We do that because we’re human, and that’s what humans do. Sometimes people like us feel our thoughts and emotions more deeply than others, but that’s simply because we’re sensitive and empathetic creatures, not because we’re monsters or anything close to that.

When we have weird, scary, or crazy thoughts it’s because our brain is working overtime just to make sure we’re okay. It’s kind of sweet actually, how it does this for us even though it’s not as wise as we are…But I can assure you that that makes us the opposite of a bad person, a bad Mama. It makes us the kind, sensitive, caring, resourceful, Warrior that we are. 

I can bet that even on your worst day, where you thought your baby may have been better off with someone else, that you even did the best you could to take care of him or her. I can bet that you probably didn’t feel so good, but that you did your best to make sure he or she was doing well, and entertained, and in good hands. I can also bet that you probably put your best efforts forward into doing the best you can each and every day to take care and look out for your little one. 

Now what would you say to someone else who you knew was doing this, but having a hard time seeing how great they we’re? You would probably tell them right… 

And that’s what I want to do for you today. Having a baby is no small feat and certainly not easy. There are days where we are bone tired and can barely keep our eyes open and days that we are so stuck in our thoughts that we can’t think straight and we look for our sunglasses that are actually on our head. There are days that we secretly cry and call someone who we know will tell us were doing a good job because we need to hear it.

And that’s what I want to tell you dear Warrior, because we always need to hear it. Even when our babies get older. You’re. Doing. Amazing.

I have been through my fair share of battles in my time and I can honestly say that having my daughter has by far been the hardest.

But you know what, I’m doing it..and you can too. I know you can. You show up every, single, day and put forth your best effort to make sure your babe has a good day. I know you do. I know you don’t always feel your best or like you’re doing an amazing job, but I know you are. You are one of the strongest women I know. Seriously. I hope you know just how amazing and special you are and that your little one loves you so insanely much, despite the fact that sometimes you feel like you need a break.

You’re a one of a kind warrior. I promise. 

The other thing I want you to know, besides how much you rock is that sometimes part of rocking it is honoring the process of feeling funky when you’re down.

Can we talk about the emotions of motherhood for a second? I know you know that our thoughts are not real and that we are made of peace, love, wisdom and amazing good stuff, but sometimes we get caught. 

And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that’s 100% okay. The goal of all of this, and of being human is not necessarily to never get caught, it’s about getting caught with compassion, a sense of safety, grace, and ease because we know that we will be okay. Because we know that our thoughts are always changing, fleeting and never permanent. Because we know that our feelings are a reflection of our thinking in the moment and that our mind is built to clear. Because we know that thoughts and emotions may be uncomfortable, but they’re 100% safe and okay.

We’re emotional creatures You and Me, and you know what…That’s a huge part of what makes us so special and a huge part of what makes us the amazing Mothers that we are. Caring as deeply as we do I know doesn’t always feel good, but it’s okay… It’s part of our make-up, are very human make-up.

I want you to know that this journey is about no longer fearing getting caught in the ways you once did. It’s about getting caught and feeling discomfort but deep down knowing that you’re going to be okay. Its about having weird, crazy for scary thoughts but knowing at a deeper level that that’s all they are, and that you are not alone, not at all. It’s about being real, being human, and experiencing the thoughts and emotions of Motherhood in a more peaceful way because you see that they are safe and that you are okay.

So please my Dear Warrior, believe in yourself like I believe in you. Because I see you. I see the amazing job that you are doing and you my dear, deserve to see it too.



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