Mother, Wife, Life Coach

Jen Marie Smith

My story is long and scary, heartbreaking and fun. It’s wild and crazy and full of adventure. It’s full of high highs and low lows and it’s all over the map. Literally. It starts in Canada, stops in Asia and stays a while in Australia. It takes me to Europe and then back to Oz. It very messy at times and full of laughter at others. I’ve been through some stuff, but I don’t own my labels as I see them as experiences, so I’ll spare you those details, but I will tell you this: I’ve probably been where you are and if I haven’t, nothing surprises me, I lived through experiences and that’s what defines me. I have struggled super hard and hit rock bottom, but I have always made choices to rise up above anything. I hope to inspire you by using myself as an example because our struggles make us beautiful and only a part of who we are today.

– Jen