Rainbows don’t come, without a little rain.

What. A. Year. This was 29.

As I lay in bed listening to baby snores I can’t help but notice that life has progressed. Ebbed and flowed. As it does, always, over time.

I birthed a child this year. I became a first time mum this year. I gained and lost 50 lbs this year. Only to name a few.

Does it get much bigger than that?

Maybe. For some. But that was pretty huge for me.

2016 has been the biggest year of my life. It hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies, either. But I guess rainbows don’t come without a little rain and butterflies aren’t butterflies before they’re cocoons.

What is it they say? Life throws at you whatever is important for the evolution of your consciousness? Something like that.

Hard times came and hard times went. Good times came and good times went. Hard times came and good times went. Hard times went and good times came.

What. A. Year.

I surfed the waves and sometimes lost. I was sometimes defeated and I was sometimes underwater.

But not anymore. Not anymore.

A new year is coming. A new year is coming!

I have made a choice. That choice is love. I choose love. I choose love every day. For myself and for others.

I don’t always succeed at first, not that it’s a game, but it can be a choice. For Me, anyway.

A new year is coming and I can’t help but reflect. It’s a time of thinking and a time of emotion. There is evolution and transformation all around. Closings and openings. Deaths and rebirths.

In 2017 I have one main focus: to bring peace to me and peace to the world around me.

I am choosing to remain open, to keep my unconditional love valve flowing for myself and flowing for others.

I am choosing to commit to up leveling my consciousness by disengaging my fears.

I am choosing to remain calm in the midst of chaos and I am choosing to rise up.

Come on 2017. I am waiting for you.

Happy New Year to you and to you goodnight.



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