What Happens When We Allow Nature To Run Its’ Course

Being human is the ability to experience an entire gamut of thoughts and emotions. It’s part of being a spiritual being in a physical body and it’s part of being consciously aware.

This such ability is an absolute gift of the divine–The bigger energy of all things– yet our little human computers called brains don’t always appreciate what shows up. Our minds become quick to talk about the energy just like they would about a rainy day.

We can very quickly go from appreciating the gift to either fearing or forgetting what it’s all about.

We can very quickly shift from one level of what us humans refer to as happiness or peace, to another. We can very quickly go from feeling good to feeling bad as we instantaneously transform from being a spiritual being and simply riding the waves of energy– to lowering our level of consciousness– and shifting into our human brains as if they’re the source what we should pay attention to.

Of course, as humans, this is easy to do. This is the essence of being human. This is what being human is all about. This is the gift.

Energy, in the form of thoughts followed by emotion, shows up and sometimes we’re tired, and sometimes were in a low mood and we question it. We judge it. We believe that we don’t like it.

What does that mean? We wonder as particular thoughts or emotions grab our attention.

And then they grow, like flowers in a garden. One thought becomes more thoughts and more thoughts become a very busy mind. We go from being and seeing the ocean to feeling and experiencing the waves.

It’s natural. It happens to all of us. Including me.

And of course when we’re in a busy state of mind, it looks like the waves are big and scary and in need of slowing down, or in need of us to figure out how to make them stop like it’s somehow our job. We’re human. We’re amazing and beautiful creatures, but it is in our best interest to allow nature to run it’s course through our vessels.

The other part of being human, the much larger part, is the ability to allow the energy to pass through us unscathed and untouched.

No questions. No judgements. No needing to figure things out.

It’s who we are underneath our layered thoughts, the iceberg below the surface.

It’s a natural ability–we all have– to zoom out and raise our level of consciousness, because we are simply the vehicles in which energy in the form of both thoughts and feelings pass through. We do this, by knowing this. Because it’s not at all about doing, it’s about being.

When we are zoomed out life feels a little more like a warm breeze on a cool day. A little like the warmth of our hearts refilling with love. A little like the corners of our mouths beginning to smile.

And this side of the spectrum– this floor on the elevator– is a natural state of being that as humans, we all have access to.

It is a state of being that we naturally drop into or raise up to when our minds quiet and we soften around our fears. It’s a state of being we naturally drop into or raise up to when we give our minds the grace to talk, and allow them to do their thing without question. It’s a state of being we naturally drop into or raise up to when we welcome the energy– the thoughts and emotions– with open loving arms like we would a child.

It’s love. It’s natural. It’s nature.

It’s who we are when we step out of our heads and drop into our hearts. It’s who we are when we love ourselves through the process of the feeling states; through the process of being human.

It’s who I am. It’s who you are. It feels like home.

And just like it’s okay to leave our houses– our physical houses– it’s okay to leave our natural being state of home and get caught being human; get caught in our thoughts and emotions because at the end of the day, or the end of the week, when our human weather rolls out we naturally return home.

Because “Life is love dearest, all else is imagined confusion” -Byron Katie.



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