Why We Can Never Stay Permanently Stuck

Dear Warrior,

Our Spring weather here on the West coast (of Canada) reminds me so much of being human and I have to tell you why. 

Monday it rains and Tuesday it’s sunny. Wednesday it hails and by Thursday there’s thunder. Then, for a few days the sun comes out and we start wearing our flip flops and t-shirts and we BBQ like we’ve been deprived of patio season all year.

The forecast is constantly changing and nothing is certain. Different weather patterns come as weather rolls in and weather rolls out. We wear many layers and hopefully the right shoes because we never know what kind of day were going to experience. We try our best to wear something appropriate and carry an umbrella in case we need it. 

This is very much how being human works.

Our minds are very similar to our Spring weather patterns. Our thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky, only WE, the ones experiencing the weather are like the sky and our thoughts are the weather creating what happens in the sky. 

Our thoughts are fleeting, constantly changing and never permanent.

Sometimes, like the weather, we experience happy thoughts for a week just like the sun shines for a week. And Sometimes, we experience rain for a week just like a few days in Spring. But we, are always there underneath our layered thoughts, just like the sky is always there, underneath the weather. We are clear, full of wisdom, full of peace, and all the clarity we ever need, but sometimes get caught in our “human weather,” our thoughts, and they cover up our innate wellness just like the clouds blanket over the sky.

When I first learned just how similar our mind is to weather I just about fell off my chair. I saved my relationship from imploding by truly understanding how the mind works. I saved it because I realized that I wasn’t my thoughts, I wasn’t my stories, and I wasn’t my beliefs. I was the one experiencing the thoughts, stories and beliefs. And when I saw just how much thoughts fluctuate, I was clearly able to see that we don’t change, they do. We don’t ever go anywhere, we just cover ourselves up with our innocent layers of thought. I was able to let go of old beliefs that we’re holding me back from feeling truly happy.

The beauty in all of us is that we won’t ever stay stuck in our thoughts, stories, or beliefs because they are only a reflection of the thinking we currently have- and our thinking changes, so long as we don’t hold it in place. 

We are the ones aware of our thinking. We are the ones feeling our thinking. We are the ones who so innocently label our thinking. We are made of love, made of peace, made of wisdom.

I feel sad, we say. I feel depressed, we say. I feel excited we say.

This is because we are feeling our thinking and just like the weather it’s changes so much. But just like the weather, we never stay permanently one way because our thoughts are always moving. Always. We can get suck in a certain type of thinking for a while, but that doesn’t mean that there are never any glimpses of peace, or sunshine, or rainbows during that time.

When we let them go by observing versus questioning we allow them to pass us by.

There is a quote I absolutely love by Michael Singer, he says, “The day you are more interested in being aware of your thoughts than you are in the thoughts themselves – that is the day you will find your way out.”

Babies are really great examples of this. They are super care free and happily move from one thing to the next. They cry one moment then see a toy and forget why they were upset. My daughter last night got scared of the vacuum. It’s big and noisy and no fun at all. She cried and cried until I showed her otherwise. I made silly faces and stuck out my tongue. I gave her a strawberry and she forgot all about it. I continued vacuuming and she thought it was hilarious. 

This is because babies experience and feel their thoughts as they come and then they let them go. They are so pure and innocent in their experience that they don’t judge, question, evaluate, or ruminate the same way as us adults do.

They have a thought. They feel that thought. And they’re onto the next one.

We could all learn a very valuable lesson from our beautiful babes. Notice their resilience, their ability to feel and let go, their present mind, their innate well-being.

We have it too, all of it, we just have get back to that place of seeing the world with curiosity and passion. That place that we were born into. That place that has never gone anywhere. That place of love that we are made of. 



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