Why We Can Relax Into A Thought We Don’t Like

Dear Warrior,

I am not entirely well versed in the laws of gravity or the how to predict the weather, but I am, however, well versed in the nature of being human and what they have in common. And after spending the last nearly six years studying some fundamental truths about how being a human here on Earth works, and falling down many times before getting up, I’ve come to know a thing or two.

I’ve come to see that there’s a greater source behind the nature of our experience; a greater intelligence behind the makeup of who we are and what shows up in our minds.

It’s the same intelligence responsible for keeping my feet grounded here on earth, and it’s the same intelligence that changes the weather.

Some refer to it as Source, some refer to it as Greater Intelligence, some refer to it as the Universe or Universal Mind, and my personal favourite, Divine Love. It has many names. But regardless of the words we choose for our little human minds to compute and translate the unexplainable to the explainable, and what it is or what it means, I think by now we agree that there is something to it.

And Divine Love, in its’ formless state, is the same life giving force that brings energy into our minds– in the form of thoughts– and it is the same energy that enables our gift of awareness; our stream of consciousness that brings those thoughts to life.

Fortunately, for us humans, it’s far more intelligent than our human minds and what they say about life will ever be. And with that source of intelligence working by nature for us, it gives us humans the opportunity to relax. It gives us an opportunity to relax because it takes the responsibility of having to change our thoughts and feelings off our shoulders when we don’t like what shows up, because it takes care of that for us.

When we detach from our personal thinking by allowing it to be present within us without judgement, it naturally changes as we reconnect to the well of fresh thinking that comes from being connected to Source.

Like lightbulb moments.. And epiphanies, and suddenly feeling a weight off our shoulders– those are examples of what happens when we detach from our human minds and their personal preferences and subjective filters, and reconnect to the Divine Love that is always present within us.

It works the same way for us humans as it does the weather in the sky; it changes the weather patterns the same as it does our thought.

And when we’re able to see that we are part of this same energy, and that we have access to it in any given moment, we see how miniscule a thought is in the realm of life itself.

We’re able to see that a thought is like a raindrop, it’s one out of hundreds of thousands and it’s not something we have to worry about. And it’s certainly not something we have to worry about making go away or mean something about us as a person. We would never worry about making a raindrop disappear the same way we would never worry that experiencing a raindrop means that it would rain for life.

Because we know better.

We have some sort of inner knowing, inner trust in the fact that at some point, the rain will go away and the weather will change. And our thoughts and feeling are the same.

They are two sides of the same coin; they both change at random.

They especially change, when we’re able to see just how intelligently we are designed.

When we’re able to see that our minds are designed to slow down, and clear naturally, the same way a rainy day does, it frees us from having to work at it. And when we’re able to see that, we keep ourselves open to new thinking and new emotions arriving at any given moment without us humans having to do a thing.

And the best part?

It’s not our job to make our thoughts go away.

It’s not our business to listen to our human minds when they say that there is something wrong with us for experiencing a thought.

Who are we to judge ourselves for feeling a raindrop or getting caught in a thunderstorm?

Because dear Warrior, the weather itself, is beyond our control, and that’s a good thing. Because when we don’t like what shows up, we can relax into knowing that nature will do its thing, and take care of it for us. We can relax into knowing that every storm that comes, always comes to an end.

And relaxing into that comfortable discomfort, is where the beauty of being human lies. We begin to take a thought, emotion or experience that we don’t particularly enjoy, less seriously, because we know that fresh new thinking is just around the corner. And when it arrives, we can choose to engage it, and create a new beautiful reality, or we can choose to let it go.

Our lives, our canvases to paint, are ours to create.

That’s not to diminish the feeling or impact it has on us as humans when we experience it, because we’re still human. I know all too well that it doesn’t always feel great getting caught in an unexpected storm, but there’s a safety to it. There’s a safety and comfort in knowing that we have access to something far bigger at any given moment when we don’t deny ourselves our God given experience. When we see that the experience itself is comes through us from a far more intelligent source than our humans minds will ever be.

I most certainly trust in these fundamental truths more than I do in a little mind generated thought.

And the beauty of trusting in that bigger force is that that bigger force is comprised of love. And the more we see and feel the Divine Love, the more we receive back, especially since we are part of that energy.

Because Love attracts love. And love, is the source of our well-being.



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