You Are What You Want And You Have What You Need

Dear Warriors,
Recently I was approached by someone with a very beautiful idea. He came to me with wonderment in his heart and curiosity in his eyes. He’s been studying how to promote comfort within your home and he’s been studying how to promote contentment within himself.

He’s a brilliant person and full of intelligence, and on his quest for finding all things good feeling, bless his heart, he asked me a question. He asked me if I could try and invent something for this country that would aid in the happiness and contentment of our nation.

Let me tell you, first and foremost I was floored and flattered that he thought I was capable of doing such a thing, but I was forced to let him down for very good reason. I was forced to tell him the truth because that’s what I know how to do and I wanted to share it with you because the truth is something as humans we all easily forget.


Dearest G,

I absolutely love that you think I am capable of inventing something that would make everyone happy and content, but I want to share something with you that’s even better. I have to tell you that these are truly amazing and comfortable ways of living, and I love what they’re about, but happiness and contentment do not come from these things, or rather, things at all.

They come from the inside. They are completely, 100% an inside job. Happiness and contentment and good feelings don’t come from the outside. They do not come from tangible, inventive things and they do not come from any one thing in particular. Our happiness is created by our thoughts about things, and as individuals our thoughts vary. We all live in our own subjective realities based on our fleeting thoughts in the moments we are experiencing them.

Comfort, and contentment and happiness is who we are by nature before we think otherwise. It is who we are by nature before we innocently give our power of love away to things. It is how we were born and who we were born to be. It is inherently us before our minds ideas that is should come from somewhere outside of us. It is who we are before our minds chatter and stories and beliefs taken seriously. It is who we are underneath our thoughts and emotions and quests for anything outside.

I have to let you down gently and I do honestly and sincerely thank you for thinking of me, but I have to let you know that I will never be able to invent anything tangible or clever because first of all I would have no idea how or what to invent, but that is also because I don’t need to. I don’t need to because we as humans, all have happiness and contentment before we innocently believe otherwise. Before we innocently take our thoughts seriously. Before we innocently believe our minds over our hearts.

In fact, humanity is in good hands because all of us humans have this in common, including you and me.

We don’t need to drink the same water, because we are the same water. And that water, is love, our true nature.

As individuals we get to experience our own waves, and we get to have our own shape, but we, as humans.. we are the ocean, we are the same.

You are human, and I am human, and we both come by forgetting this simple truth quite honesty, sometimes daily, but that is perfectly okay because we are built to bounce back. Our minds are built to clear of these ideas, and when they do, we naturally bounce back to our inherent state of love and happiness and contentment.

This is what I do in my practice. I don’t sell products or things, I help spread these simple truths about life and gradually others see that they are what they’re looking for. That they have within what they’ve craved all along.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Me Xx

So please dear Warriors, let this be a reminder to you that you are love within and that if it ever feels otherwise, it’s time to slow down. It’s time to slow down and reconnect to your heart and from there you will see that you have what you need.



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